After the wedding

So you have survived the Wedding Day and the honeymoon helped to mend shattered nerves. Now it is time to enjoy your new beginnings and play house for real.

Please take time to go through all the wonderful gifts you have received and give thought to their many uses. Break them down in categories and  put them in their rightful places so that they will be at your finger tips when you need them.

Most couples take special care in choosing table wears: dishes, glasses, cutlery etc. These gifts are to be used and shared with family and friends. Start by having a romantic dinner for two, using your finest china and crystals complete with candle light. So you are not a good cook? NO PROBLEM!!

First you both sit down and plan a menu, with list in hand, head for on of the fine food stores specializing in gourmet prepared foods or whatever  you desire. Set a pretty table, have your favourite music playing and enjoy.

Your next challenge is to entertain guests starting with the in-laws, together or apart. Don’t try too hard to impress, just be yourself and everything will be fine. Do you know the correct way to set a table, formal or casual? If not a trip to your library will give you all the information necessary.

HAPPY HOUSE KEEPING. I would love to know how you make out.